Issue vizualisation and rule description in IDE

Shift Code Quality and Code Security left to your IDEwith SonarLint

Add SonarLint to your favorite IDE and detect Bugs and Vulnerabilities as you write code.

Fix issues before they exist

SonarLint is a free and open source IDE extension that helps you bring Code Quality and Code Security to the beginning of your workflow. Like a spell checker, SonarLint squiggles flaws and provides real-time feedback with clear guidance to fix issues so that you can focus on what matters most: developing new features.

VS code Python issue vizualisation and rule description
Detect Bugs and Vulnerabilities when you’re writing code

Add SonarLint to your favorite IDE (Eclipse, IntelliJ, Visual Studio or VS Code), and detect common mistakes, tricky bugs and known vulnerabilities.

Get instant feedback and learn from your mistakes

Just like a spell-checker, SonarLint reports issues on the fly and provides the same clear remediation guidance as SonarCloud so you can easily fix these issues.

Same ruleset, same guidance, directly in your IDE

Already analyzing your Pull Requests and development branches with SonarCloud? Bring Code Quality and Code Security to your IDE, and benefit from the same ruleset with connected mode.

SonarLint is the extension of SonarCloud for your IDE

Consistency throughout your workflow

More than just a linter, SonarLint is the extension of SonarCloud for your IDE. It brings your SonarCloud configuration as well as collaboration features to your personal development environment. You develop more consistently and raise the bar.

Define quality standards and import your configuration

Import your Quality Profile

With connected mode, SonarLint automatically imports your SonarCloud setup for every language, and analyzes your projects consistently.

Receive smart notifications from SonarCloud

Smart notifications from SonarCloud

Get real-time notifications in your IDE. Track the Quality Gate status and receive alerts when a new issue is assigned to you.

Take your workflow to the next level

Sonarcloud and SonarLint for Code Quality and Code Security over your development workflow

Connect SonarLint to SonarCloud and get the full power of a continuous Code Quality and Security workflow.

Get SonarLint now!

SonarLint is available for the following IDEs: