Code Quality & Code Security in your CI/CD to automate your code review

Code Quality & Code Security in your CI/CD

Automate your code review.

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ALM integration

SonarCloud helps you improve the Code Quality and Code Security in your repositories. It’s available for the four major cloud ALMs. Sign in is easy, directly with your ALM account.

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Bitbucket Cloud
Bitbucket Cloud
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Azure DevOps
Azure DevOps Services
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Evaluate your code health

SonarCloud decorates your pull requests and provides a barometer on the quality of your code. You get a clear vision of what you’re about to merge.

Review your PR issues

SonarCloud brings the list of issues directly in your ALM so you can review them without switching context.

Available forAzure DevOpsBitbucket Cloud

Fail your pipelines

SonarCloud provides a clear Go / No-Go Quality Gate and fails your pipelines when your pull request doesn’t meet your requirements.

CI/CD Tools

SonarCloud integrates with each of the ALM CI/CD tools, as well as the major cloud CI/CD platforms. Other integrations are possible, please have a look at our documentation.

GitHub Actions, Bitbucket Pipelines, Azure Pipelines, GitLab CI/CD, CircleCI, TravisCI, CirrusCI
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