Code Quality & Code Security made simple.

Detect, understand, and fix issues in your code, at the very earliest in your workflow.

Detect Bugs and Vulnerabilities

Bug, Vulnerability, and Code Smell detection

Get rid of issues that represent a risk for your reputation or add up to your technical debt. Keep Security Hotspots (potential threats that need a human review) on the radar.

Issue contextualization with clear remediation guidance

Issue contextualization, with remediation guidance

Find, understand, and fix code issues thanks to our helpful UI that shows the issues in the context of the code, with clear remediation guidance.

Top-notch coding rules

Top-notch coding rules

Get a deep understanding of why an issue has been raised from the underlying rule, including a full description along with an example of proper implementation.

Pull Request analysis

Continous inspection

Check code Maintainability, Reliability, and Security in your development branches AND pull requests. Shift left by dealing with issues sooner in your workflow.

GitHub Pull Request

In-ALM pull request feedback

Receive instant feedback on your PR in the ALM directly. SonarCloud sends a report of the analysis in the PR thread so you don’t have to switch context when your code is fine.

Quality Gate

Go/No Go Quality Gate

Fail pipelines when the quality or security of your code doesn’t meet the requirements you set for it. Don't let issues make their way to production.

Issue collaboration

Team onboarding

Share coding best practices and have fun writing code together. Collaborate on fixing an issue: leave a comment, set a status, or assign it to a team member.

  • Leave a comment
  • Set a status
  • Assign it to a team member
SonarLint on IDE

IDE extension: SonarLint

Fix issues before they exist! SonarLint is a free and open source extension that brings Code Quality and Security to your IDE. SonarLint connects to SonarCloud and helps you shift left.

EclipseIntelliJVisual StudioVS Code
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Project dashboard


Assess the health of your project in seconds.

Project metrics


See the evolution of your project metrics.

Project notifications


Receive alerts directly in your inbox.

Project badges


Promote the quality of your project.


With SonarCloud, you build robust, safe applications, and reputations are maintained.

Quickly assess your code health

Know where your code stands at every moment of the development cycle.

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Sharpen your skills

Fix your code and learn new rules along the way. Progressively elevate your game!

Tackle technical debt

Estimate your technical debt and make informed project decisions.

Merge clean, safe code

Build your application with clean & safe code, and keep your users happy.

Clean as you code

Focus on the quality of new code to gradually improve the overall project quality.

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Secure your application

Meet security standards and protect your users’ data from malicious intent at all times.

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World-leading code analysis

Analyze your code with the best analyzer on the market. The accuracy of SonarCloud makes it so you don’t waste time dealing with many false positives, but stay focused on real issues.

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