Save time and effort with higher Code Quality

SonarCloud helps you keep a clean codebase and improves your velocity.

Code Quality fuels dev teams' efficiency

Fast, continuous feedback on your code

SonarCloud’s static analysis detects Bugs and Code Smells in your repositories and provides the feedback you need to write better code.

Quickly assess code health

Know where your projects stand at every moment of your development workflow with access to clear metrics:

  • • Maintainability
  • • Reliability
  • • Code coverage
  • • Code duplications

Accelerate code reviews

Inspect your branches and pull requests, and receive static analysis results directly in GitHub, Azure DevOps Services, Bitbucket Cloud, or GitLab.

Build code that meets requirements

Add a clear Go/No Go Quality Gate to your CI/CD and fail your build/release pipelines whenever the Code Quality doesn’t reach your own standards.

Appropriate, comprehensive methodology with proper guidance

SonarCloud helps you find, understand, and fix issues. Equally important, it helps focus on what matters most and gradually improve the overall quality of code, commit after commit.

Clean as you code curve over time

Clean as you Code

Our methodology helps you get maximum impact on Code Quality with minimum investment, simply by focusing on fresh code. By making new code clean, you make sure that your releases get better every time. The overall code base gradually improves with sections of the old code being updated through the implementation of new features.

Get clear remediation guidance

We know fixing issues can be painful. We crafted SonarCloud so you get proper help to solve the problems in your code. Our guidance is based on 3 levels:

Issue visualization

shows you the highlighted issue in the context of the code

Issue navigation

guides you through the different code locations that contribute to the issue

Rule description

helps you understand the problem and provides code examples demonstrating the fix

Issue visualization, navigation, and remediation

By getting a clear understanding of the issue and a full description of the rule (more than 3,000 rules), fixing issues in your code becomes easier.

And you sharpen your skills along the way.

Made for developers and development teams

SonarCloud empowers developers to own Code Quality. You can merge with confidence, knowing the changes you made today are clean.

Improve your velocity!

With SonarCloud, your code simply gets better over time, more maintainable, more reliable. Nothing will help you build software faster than keeping code clean and sticking to high coding standards.

Code Quality improves velocity

Bring more value to your users!

Because in the end, that’s all that matters. Users clearly hate bugs! With SonarCloud they’re eradicated. Furthermore, by keeping a clean code base, you can work faster and release more features. Users see quality and features grow and get more value from your work.

Code Quality brings more value to app users